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Case History


LAF sterile filling line

LAF project

We carried out a CFD study of an aseptic vial filling area in the pre-construction preliminary phase to define and detail the optimal work phases within very short time periods.

The analysis identified the best possible positioning of the air-walls of the return grilles in the LAF area, covering one of the vial filling machines.

The project was implemented and, following verifications and audits, our analysis and hypotheses proved to be correct.

how to

How we worked


Our analytical and practical approach means we also deal with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, working on:

  • AHU and air conditioning systems
  • Fluid distribution systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Control systems
  • Equipment and machines
  • Cleanroom walls, doors and suspended ceilings
  • Cleanrooms


The validation service:

  • AHU and air conditioning systems
  • Cleanrooms
  • ”Pure” fluid distribution systems
  • Control systems
  • Critical probe calibration


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