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new solids department in Cosmo

COSMO 2017 project

Delivery of a turnkey project with a new layout for plant expansion for the production of oral solids (approximately 6,000 m² split between 2,000 m² of production and storage area, 2,000 m² of technical areas in the basement, and 2,000 m² of technical areas at roof level)

In detail:

  • 1 solids department with controlled UR/T
  • 1 solids containment department with controlled UR/T
  • 1 sampling area
  • 1 dispensing area
  • New storage warehousewith reception and shipping area
  • Technical areas for HVAC systems and utilities generation
  • New mechanical workshop area


how we worked

We were responsible for designing and building:

  • HVAC systems, chilled water generation and distribution, hot water generation and distribution, heating, industrial steam distribution, steam generation + distribution for humidification, oil-free compressed air generation and distribution, drains, process runoff distribution and storage, PW storage and distribution, process alcohol distribution, pharmaceutical finishings, HVAC/mechanical systems control system, electrical systems, positioning and connection of process/production machines.
  • Construction and installation of 3 AISI down-cross hoodsfor sampling and weighing raw materials
  • Construction and installation of 1 air showerfor incoming materials from the warehouse
  • Construction and installation of 1 glovebox for the fractionation of “active” raw materials
  • AISI furnishings of the premises
  • Installation and connection of all process and production equipment and machines
  • Modification and extension of the PW distribution loop in the existing plant, without interrupting the production phases
  • Connection to the existing thermal and water plant


There was a strong focus on processing and installation times and the project was completed over a minimal time period:
First order March 2017
Start of works May 2017
Departments completed, validated and approved by FDA + AIFA by end 2017
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new solids department

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