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fast, reliable projects characterized by high-profile know-how in the pharmaceutical sector

We design and manufacture customized containment and contamination control solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Our tailor made solutions fully and in detail satisfy the request for high quality and plant safety to meet all the requirements of cGMP and PIC’s.

We are effective and effective in feasibility and design studies, installations and system validations.

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We have a specific expertise and know-how in the creation of cleanrooms. We deal with all the definition phases starting from the layout through to scheduling and designing room subdivisions, personnel and material flows, production area class identification, and the study of the thermo-climatic conditions and air flow rates necessary to guarantee perfect area cleaning.

Our work starts with analysis and then moves on to design and then the construction of structures and systems responding to all the needs of the production and adjacent areas. We construct changing rooms, through-ways and production spaces, as well as laboratories.

We complete all this with customised furnishings/fittings and equipment in stainless steel designed with pharmaceutical ergonomics.

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Igiene e facilità di pulizia


The need for controlled contamination environments means furnishing solutions that are easy to maintain and absolutely clean. In addition to the services and design implementations that are already part of our know-how, we therefore decided to offer furnishings that are rounded and designed to facilitate cleaning, and which comply with GMP guidelines.

In addition to what you will find on our downloadable PDF catalogue, we can design customised furnishings offering ideal solutions for your needs.

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construction work





We design and build production and distribution systems for technological fluids, with a continuous focus of energy consumption management and environmental impact.

The whole production process is scheduled, tested and qualified to offer a turnkey system.

Plants include:
–  thermal plants
–  refrigeration plants
–  cogeneration

Production and distribution of technological fluids:
– industrial steam
– superheated water
– compressed air
– chilled water
– vacuum
– water pre-treatment
– process thermostating.

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