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Construction & Commissioning

Construction & Commissioning

S4S is able to engage in the construction process either as a single supplier providing the final customer with a Turnkey product or take charge of one or more elements of construction.
Project management is entrusted to two professional figures: a dedicated Project Manager and a Construction Supervisor who will allow an effective and fluid coordination with respect to all the other activities throughout all processing phases.
Their know-how ensures the project is executed in compliance with GMP requirements.

  • Coordination of ongoing activities: verification of interference, procurement of materials, organisation of system shutdowns
  • Safety: verification and control of PPE and drafting of PSC and site reports
  • Quality verification: conformity check on the project and assurance on quality requirements
  • Work programme verification: care and control of details in the project “Time-schedule”
  • Administrative activities: verification of supplier SALs and variant control
  • Validation: collection of technical documentation, system forms and certification

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